Men who workout regularly, what motivates you? 27 Sep 2021, 1:09 pm

EDIT: I gotta say I love reading your comments! It's nice and refreshing to see your perspectives.

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Last year, when everyone was talking about how all men are terrifying and how there should be a 6 PM curfew on men, I copy and pasted people's comments and threads but I replaced the word ''men'' with some race/religion. It was hilarious seeing people get pissed over it. 27 Sep 2021, 10:38 am

Fyi, I'm a woman but I thought it was so stupid how everyone was jumping on the bandwagon with threads like ''men are so scary! When a man is walking down the street, I run! What's your scariest experience with men?'' All because a person who happened to be a man murdered someone.

I'd copy and paste comments/threads of that nature, and keep them exactly the same except for changing ''men'' to things like ''black person'', ''muslim'', or ''jew''. It was fucking hilarious how pissed people got at the parodies, unaware that I was just copy and pasting shit, but the original threads and comments got a shit ton of upvotes.

I did admit it was all just a social experiment afterwards!

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