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Last Name First Name Nationality Field Profession Position Wealth Party Info Link 1 Info Link 2 Other Info
Abramovich Roman Russian/Israeli Oligarch 11.5 Billion
Adelson Sheldon US Finance Gambling Sands CEO 30 Billion Repub
Bennet Michael US Govt Senator Demo Half Jewish, mother Jewish
Bloomberg Michael US Tycoon Businessman
Blumenthal Richard US Politics Senator
Cardin Ben US Govt Senator
Cohn Gary US Govt/Biz Trump adviser Goldman Sachs
Delrahim Makan US Asst Sec DOJ Law Lawyer Persian Jew
Engle Elliot US Govt Congressman Chair, House Foreign Affairs Cmte
Green Susan CIO
Horowitz Michael US Govt Justice Dept Inspector General N/A Demo - appt by Obama Brandeis grad, Jewish name
Kafer Krister US CIO Journalist Denver
Kopel David US CIO Lawyer/Professor Prof
Kraft Robert US Sports NFL owner Owns Patriots Republican
Lowey Nita US Govt Congresswoman Chair, House Approriations Cmte
Miller Steven US Govt Trump adviser
Mnuchin Steven US Govt Treasury Secretary 500 Million Repub
Nadler Jerry US Govt Congressman Chair, House Judiciary Cmte
Perlmutter Ed US Govt Congressman Demo Colorado
Polis Jared US Politics Governor Colorado Gov Demo
Raskin Jamie US Politics Congressman Demo
Rosenberg Churck US Media Former Justice Lawyer Morn Joe
Rosenstein Rod US Govt Justice Dept Deputy AG N/A Repub Jewish name
Sandiers Bernie US Govt Senate Senator N/A Demo
Schiff Adam US Govt Congressman Chair, House Intel Cmte Demo
Schmidt Michael US Media Journalist New York Times
Schumer Churck US Govt Senator Minority Leader Demo
Sherman  Wendy US Politics Diplomacy Under Secretary Demo
Silverii Ian US Colorado Politics Progress Now chair Demo
Sondermann Eric CIO
Soros George US
Sulzberger Arthur G. US Publishing Exec New York Times
Vekselberg Victor Russian Oligarch 13.5 Billion Donated to Jewish museum in Moscow
Weiser Phil US Politics Lawyer         Colorado Attorney General Demo
Wittes  Ben Blogger Morn Joe
Zuckerberg Mark US Biz Tech Facebook







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