Charlie One

Charlie One was near Dong Ha, just south of the DMZ between North and South Vietnam.  Charlie One was the eastern-most and southern-most of bases in rows along the DMZ.  The Alpha series of bases were the closest to the DMZ.  No bases in the Bravo line were manned when I was there.  The Charlie bases began near the ocean with Charlie One, and in theory ran west toward Laos and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Charlie One and Dong Ha were pretty much at the end of the road in South Vietnam, as you headed north on Highway QL1.  Here you can see the dust rising from an air strike at the end of the road on the DMZ:

Here's the Charlie One welcome sign, marking the ARVN headquarters there:

Here's one of our guns firing toward the DMZ:

Here's a B-52 "Arclight" bombing mission on the DMZ to the west of us:

Dawn meant that we had made it through another night.  Dawn was almost always beautiful.

When it was all over, I was very glad to head back home.  I'm not sure who was following us, or whether this was Da Nang or the Cam Ranh Bay airfield.

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